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Freelancing has been a way to make my career work for me, I have been able to stay engaged with variety and balance, keep learning and pivot in the field across different disciplines.

It’s a note to myself to keep exploring, follow interests and to develop my process. I try to combine my adventurous side with my working life by bringing these values into my practice.

I will run through a few aspects that fire me up about working in this way and are principles taken from adventures; staying lightweight, exploring unknown territory, traveling with a for a perspective.

Staying Lightweight has been a big part of my career and has become a core part of my process and work methodologies.

From opening up my working day to accommodate multiple directions and destinations, it has allowed the flexibility to pivot and change and to invest my time in multiple projects. This simple policy of not spending the entirety of my energy and capacity on one venture has increased my focus, productivity, excitement and overview on the projects I am working on.

Time always changes for people when you are traveling and time is broken up into many different new experiences, which is perhaps why time traveling or away can often seem much longer. The repetition on an everyday routine can make time go fast which is why when I first started freelancing time slowed down and weeks stopped flying by in the same way.

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